A guide to private jet hire

A guide to private jet hire

Although travelling first class on a commercial flight will offer you a certain level of extravagance, nothing compares to the luxury and comfort of flying on a private jet.

Whether you’re looking to hire a private jet for corporate travel or you’re organising transport for a music tour, hiring a private jet will afford you many conveniences that you simply won’t find on a commercial flight.

To help you book the right private jet experience to suit your requirements, we’ve put together the following guide.

Benefits of private jet hire

There are many advantages associated with hiring a private jet. Here are some of the reasons why you should charter a private jet:

  1. Convenience: From long queueing times to luggage restrictions and an obligation to arrive way before departure, flying on a commercial airline is associated with a multitude of inconveniences. Hiring a private jet means you can avoid the hassle of airports, allowing you to avoid security queues and benefit from private parking.
  2. Travel time: Flying on a private jet allows you to travel on your own schedule. Additionally, you can avoid long airport layovers by flying directly to your destination.
  3. Increased airport access: Commercial airlines only have access to certain airports. Private jets, however, have access to a higher number of airports, including those in remote locations. This means you can arrive closer to your destination, negating the need for lengthy additional land-based travel.
  4. More privacy: High-profile individuals and those who like to keep a low profile can benefit from the discretion and privacy associated with flying on a private jet.
  5. Enhanced luxury: A private jet is often equipped with a multitude of amenities, such as beds and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, that make for a luxurious and comfortable flying experience.
  6. Personalised culinary experience: An additional benefit is the ability to request delicious bespoke catering options, including specific dietary requirements. Whether you’re looking for a light meal or a three-course menu, speak to your private jet broker to ensure that all your inflight culinary needs are met.
  7. Animal friendly: Hiring an entire plane means you’ll be able to take your pet onboard rather than having to place them in a separate cargo area.
  8. Increased safety measures: Travelling on a private jet reduces potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus, as passengers avoid busy airport terminals. Additionally, private jets follow the highest health and safety protocols, and are regularly disinfected.

What are the luggage requirements for a private jet?

When travelling on a private jet, you’ll have more flexibility with your luggage than you would on a commercial flight. If you need to bring extra items such as sports equipment or musical instruments, this can be arranged if discussed with the flight operator or broker beforehand.

How much does a private jet rental cost?

The exact price for renting a private jet depends on various factors, including the type of aircraft you’re renting, how long the flight will be, your crew requirements, and even the age of the aircraft.

How much is a private jet per hour?

Most aircraft rental prices will be calculated based on the total billable flight hours, and the price ranges tend to look as follows:

  • Small plane (4-6 passengers): £1,300 – £3,000 per hour
  • Midsize plane (up to 9 passengers): £4,000 – £6,000 per hour
  • Large private jet (14-19 passengers): £7,000 – £13,000 per hour
How much does it cost to rent a private jet per day?

The ranges above demonstrate that the rental of a private jet can cost anything between £1,300 and £13,000 per hour. Therefore, the total cost of hiring a private jet will be calculated based on the hourly rate for a specific aircraft.

Empty leg flights: the cheaper private jet option

There is an option for hiring a private jet at a lower price, known as “empty leg” flights.

Empty legs are flights that have to operate because the aircraft has been chartered and needs to either travel back to its home base, or is positioning outbound ‘empty’ for its committed flight. The initial charterer covers the costs of these flights, meaning you can pay for a space on the empty flight at a discounted rate. Doing so affords you all the luxuries associated with flying in a private jet, without the high price tag.

However, it’s important to remember that empty-leg flight times and destinations are bound by the original charter booking. You’ll not have as much flexibility in the schedule, or departure and arrival airports, and you also run the risk of your flight being cancelled if the original charter is no longer required.

If you’re looking to hire a private jet, get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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