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A revolutionary solution from Airmacs Aviation that transforms the initial stages of your cargo journey. Since our establishment in May 22, we’ve been leading the way in global cargo aircraft charters.

Throughout these operations, we recognised a critical need within the logistics chain—the essential but often externally managed first mile.


In the customary practice of arranging air charters, specialists typically aren’t deeply involved in the broader logistics chain. The standard expectation is for clients to deliver cargo “ready for carriage” to the designated airport of departure, often relying on external partners for the critical first mile tasks. This external handling places significant responsibilities on clients, including tasks that are time-consuming, complex, and challenging to coordinate amid other crucial logistics, such as payments, schedules, customs procedures, and more.

Recognising these challenges, Airmacs Aviation have created the AIRPACKS product, which adds substantial value by assisting clients in the effective preparation of their loads. Whether your cargo requires specialised handling, packaging, or unique documentation, AIRPACKS is designed to seamlessly integrate with your logistics strategy. Our commitment to safety and quality ensures that every step of the air freight packing process is meticulously planned and executed, upholding the highest standards without compromising efficiency.

Moreover, in instances where the shipment is booked to travel with Airmacs by air freight or cargo air charter, AIRPACKS ensures a streamlined process with a single project manager overseeing all aspects, offering a cohesive solution that simplifies coordination and provides the convenience of a single, itemised invoice.

Our Aim with airpacks

With AIRPACKS, we aim to alleviate the burdens associated with pre-carriage, making the air cargo preparation process more efficient and hassle-free for our clients.

AIRPACKS specialises in tailored air cargo packaging solutions for a wide range of cargo types, we’ve already packed bundles of steel beams, various dangerous goods (DGR) & hazardous materials (HAZMAT), high end furniture, expensive artwork, sensitive cargo, and outsize/out-of-gauge heavy lift cargo.

Whether it’s securing loose loads or implementing stringent measures for dangerous goods, AIRPACKS tailors airfreight packing strategies to meet the unique requirements of each cargo type, on budget and on time. Trust us for top-tier packing services, ensuring a seamless and secure transport experience for your valuable goods.

Why Airpacks

1. Strategic Decision: The launch of AIRPACKS stems from our commitment to offering a holistic logistics solution. We understand that the success of an airfreight operation is contingent upon the careful handling of cargo right from the start.

2. Global Packing Network: Leveraging an extensive database of packing suppliers worldwide, AIRPACKS ensures access to premium packing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your cargo.

3. Service Beyond Charters: Unlike traditional cargo services, AIRPACKS is not limited by the prospect of a charter. We extend our expertise in packing to all clients, providing flexibility and convenience regardless of the chosen airfreight solution.

4. Safety and Quality: Our dedicated team prioritises the safety and security of your consignments. Every step of the packing process is meticulously planned and executed to uphold the highest standards without compromising efficiency.

5. Comprehensive Considerations: AIRPACKS is designed to seamlessly integrate with your logistics strategy. Whether your cargo requires specialised handling, airfreight packaging, or the packing of dangerous goods, we take all these considerations into account to deliver a tailored air cargo packing solution.

In essence, AIRPACKS represents Airmacs Aviations unwavering commitment to excellence in the logistics industry. We believe that by addressing the crucial externally managed first mile, we enhance the overall reliability and success of your cargo operations.

Trust AIRPACKS to handle the intricacies of collection and packing, allowing you to focus on the broader aspects of your supply chain. Contact us today to experience a new standard in cargo preparation and airfreight logistics.

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