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Airmacs are here to help find the right air cargo charter solution, whether you’re looking to transport a small time-sensitive package or a large consignment. Using our expert industry knowledge, we work to match the time frame, capacity, and service you require with one of our trusted aircraft operators.

With access to a global database of cargo aircraft operators, we’ll manage the entire process for you from start to finish. With Airmacs, you can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered quickly and safely.

Whether Your Cargo Is





Heavy & Outsize


AOG (Aircraft on Ground)

Humanitarian & Relief




Time Critical

Air cargo solutions for all

We work with customers from a diverse range of industries, from government and humanitarian aid programmes to automotive, energy, aerospace, military goods, and general cargo.

Our access to a vast network of airlines allows us to arrange cargo shipments all around the globe. In addition, we have a dedicated team of compliance and risk specialists who work to ensure that all international laws and regulations are adhered to throughout the journey of your shipment.

Whether it’s regular cargo or dangerous goods, we prioritise safety and take all the precautions necessary to keep your shipment safe.

Air cargo charter options

We provide full and split charter services depending on your requirements, schedule, and budget.

A full charter service allows you to use the entirety of the plane for your cargo, granting you more flexibility to customise the departure times.

The split charter service means that you share the aircraft’s cargo capacity with other customers for those who don’t require an entire aircraft.

Punctual Cargo Deliveries

We understand that shipments are time-sensitive, so we’re committed to providing efficient and dependable delivery of your goods. Our charter services are overseen by a dedicated team of charter and operations specialists who work to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

Why choose Airmacs?

We work with aircraft operators and our clients to ensure the timely delivery of important shipments.

At Airmacs, we take the time to listen carefully to the specific needs of our customers before sourcing a suitable cargo air charter to transport consignments. We then leverage our aviation expertise to find the right solution for you.

We only work with high-quality and reliable airline services, ensuring that your cargo is secure at every stage of its journey. Whether shipping perishable goods or regular cargo, we offer a reliable service committed to keeping your shipments safe.

As an independent business, we work closely with global airline providers, negotiating on your behalf to secure the best cargo charter deal possible. This worldwide network allows us to find the perfect solution for delivering your cargo to where it needs to be.

Customers are provided with regular updates on the progress of their cargo shipment, and we’re always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

By partnering with us, you can secure a shipment plan to suit your budget, timeline, and vision.

Our access to a worldwide aviation database enables us to organise urgent air charters to deliver time-critical cargo. This means you could have your delivery in the air within a few hours of confirmation. We’re also able to arrange helicopter deliveries, in order to access hard to reach areas.

The shipping of dangerous goods, such as explosives or flammables, requires specialist skills. Our charter experts are knowledgeable about all the appropriate regulations, meaning we’re able to source the right aircraft to carry sensitive goods.

The transportation of heavy and outsize cargo can be challenging. We’re able to source the right aircraft to allow you to transport large items, such as Aircraft parts, Vehicles and heavy & outsize machinery.

We recognise that emergency situations require quick responses to get aid to those in need as soon as possible. We work with aid agencies to deliver humanitarian aid to where it needs to be, rapidly.

Our onboard couriers are able to deliver sensitive deliveries quickly and securely. Whether you require the delivery of important documents or a valuable prototype, one of our couriers will deliver your item to where it needs to be, and will send you updates along the way. Our couriers hold the appropriate visas to allow them to travel to destinations far and wide.

We are able to transport animals by air in a safe, secure, and humane way. The wellbeing of the animal is prioritised, and the crew members are specially trained to ensure their journey is comfortable.

The sensitive and fragile nature of pharmaceuticals means they require the right equipment when being shipped. Our team are trained to effectively manage the transportation of medicinal products, PPE, and vaccines.

We’re able to source aircraft to fly cargo to remote destinations including natural disaster zones and hostile locations. This means we can deliver humanitarian aid or military cargo to the areas that need it. Our global network allows us to reach even the most isolated destinations.

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