Maximising Oil Rig Productivity: Why Air Charters for Critical Cargo Are Essential

oil-rig air charter

The complex, critical and vital nature of offshore oil drilling demands that productivity levels remain high, despite often inhospitable environmental conditions. Ensuring the seamless flow of operations on an oil rig requires a delicate balance of precision, planning, and efficiency – especially around the timely delivery of critical cargo. Today, we’ll be talking about the […]

Offshore Operations: Air Charters for Remote Oil Rigs in West Coast Africa

oil rig transport

Those who work in oil and gas are no strangers to remote and challenging environments. Oil rigs are typically found in difficult-to-reach locations around the globe, where they’re constantly battered by the elements. Africa’s oil reserves are vast, standing at 125.3 billion barrels. In West Coast Africa, offshore oil rigs are scattered across the vast […]

Air Cargo’s Time Critical Mission for Speedy Global Supply Chains

global supply chain cargo

The very first air cargo flight occurred in 1910. Since then, air cargo has been responsible for millions of flights, supporting efficient supply chains and allowing businesses to meet the evolving demands of consumers. Air freight transport connects markets around the world quickly and efficiently by ensuring the smooth and rapid movement of goods between […]

The E-Commerce Revolution: How Air Cargo Charters Are Meeting Growing Delivery Demands


The COVID-19 pandemic hugely impacted consumer behaviour, leading to an increase in the number of people to turning to the online world to purchase their goods. As a result, the e-commerce industry boomed. According to Census data, e-commerce sales leapt by 43% in 2020 in the US alone, while in Europe, countries reported increases between […]

Luxury Meets Adventure: Exploring Exotic Destinations with VIP Air Charters

vip air charter

For those looking to travel the world in style, a VIP air charter offers an unparalleled luxury experience. In contrast to travelling on a commercial airline, chartering a private plane affords you the freedom to fly on your own terms and discover far-flung destinations without the constrictions of traditional air travel. But how does a […]

The power of genuine human connections in air charter

Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s when a book by Alan Turing posed the idea of testing the intelligence of machines with a game.  It’s only in more recent years that it has become a normal part of everyday life. We’re bombarded with pop-up, AI-led chatbots and algorithms every time we go online […]

Huge things that fly: A Guide to The Largest Items Flown Using Air Cargo Aircraft

In today’s globalised world, air cargo plays a vital role in transporting goods efficiently and quickly across long distances. While most of us are familiar with traditional airfreight, whereby goods are booked onto a scheduled service through a tariff on per-kilo basis, there is a fascinating subset that deals with transporting massive items through the […]

How Fast Is Fast? The Time-Sensitive Deliveries of On Board Couriers

As businesses continue to expand globally, the need for time-sensitive deliveries becomes more critical. Time-sensitive deliveries are the transportation of goods or cargo that require a faster delivery than standard shipping methods. Time is of the essence in these deliveries and every second counts. In such situations, the best option for time-sensitive cargo is often […]

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