Aviation Consultant

At Airmacs Aviation, we’re on hand to consult our partners on their upcoming aviation projects and ideas.

Whether it’s an airport feasibility study or an aircraft leasing request, we are available to provide a wide range of consulting services.

Industry Expertise

Are you looking for an aviation consultant service that delivers, no matter the challenge? At Airmacs Aviation, we have years of industry experience that allow us to provide practical solutions to complex issues.

Our insightful and passionate consultants possess deep industry knowledge covering a variety of disciplines, enabling them to bring your vision to life effectively.

Airport Feasibility Studies

Our team of aviation consulting specialists will confirm a project’s viability. This involves ascertaining whether there is the technical, financial, and market potential to make it possible to proceed.

This will give our client a robust case for securing the go-ahead from project managers and investors.

Always ahead of the curve

With expert knowledge of the aviation industry, our team of aviation consultants have the resources and the expertise to lease the aircraft best suited to your unique requirements.

We have access to a global network of contacts, allowing us to present you with a broad range of aircraft options. Don’t trust any aircraft broker. Opt for a bespoke consultation service that’s dedicated to providing a tailor-made service.

Our industry experts are committed to keeping up-to-date with industry trends and regulations. This allows us to identify market opportunities that give companies a competitive advantage.

We have a strong base knowledge of FAA + CAA rules and the procedures around gaining the requisite certifications, and we work to mitigate risk and ensure all projects are compliant. In addition, our experience allows us to carefully analyse information from multiple sources, to provide solutions that will enable our clients to proceed with their projects.

Innovative Solutions

We’re always looking for ways to solve complex problems through innovation. Complicated projects require outside of the box thinking, and we’re not afraid to harness the power of new technologies and processes to deliver results.

Improving Existing Practices

Sometimes our clients aren’t looking to launch a new project but rather upgrade their existing offerings to give them a better competitive edge.

We can help companies to improve their current operations and offer advice for transforming and developing existing business models.

We work collaboratively with clients

Aviation rules and regulations can be complex and difficult to grasp. That’s why we’re on hand to provide clear and coherent instructions and explanations so that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the different elements that compose their projects.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your expectations are being met, by listening to your every query, so that we can work together to find the right solution for you.

Together, we can achieve more

By combining our experience with your vision, we have the capabilities to shape the future of aviation.

We consider every detail to ensure your project brings tangible benefits to you, local communities, and the industry as a whole.

“Reliable, professional & flexible. Just a few of the descriptions I could give Sam (Airmacs) from the many previous dealings that we have had together over the years. Always a good source of knowledge & information from his years of experience in the industry.”

– Cargo Manager – Global Motor Racing Series’

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