On Board Courier

Some shipments are simply too time-sensitive and valuable for conventional courier routes. If you have a package that needs delivering quickly and securely, use our On Board Courier (OBC) or ‘Hand Carry’ service.

This service covers the personal delivery of urgent shipments of high-value goods, from confidential documents to automotive parts.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered

We have access to a vetted global multi-lingual courier network located near major airports, enabling us to organise fast and affordable delivery for your important shipments.

Our couriers hold the necessary visas and are experienced travellers with the appropriate language skills that allow them to deliver your items to the desired destination. The item will be kept with the courier at all times, except in the case where it’s necessary to check it into the hold. As a result, the customs process is quick, making your item immediately available at its destination.

Tailor-made OBC solutions

Whether you’re looking to deliver a prototype or important document to a nearby destination or remote location, we’ll work to find a fast solution that suits your needs. We understand that time-sensitive deliveries need to be treated with the utmost urgency, which is why we are committed to finding the soonest possible solution.

If required, we are able to arrange a complete door-to-door service, where a dedicated courier will securely transport your package from pick-up to destination. We can also arrange for couriers to fly with private jets if the nature and required itinerary of the shipment necessitate it.

Reliable, Secure, and Trackable

If the delivery of your package is urgent, we will arrange to transport it on the next available flight without compromising the security of your shipment. The courier network that we work with ensures each courier undergoes a rigorous vetting so that we can rely on them to deliver exceptional service, time after time.

Our trusted On Board Courier will send you milestone updates throughout the journey until your item has been personally delivered.

A rapid delivery service

Here at Airmacs Aviation, we have access to a global On Board Courier network database, allowing us to identify a suitable courier rapidly. As a result, we can find you the quickest and most affordable option to expedite your delivery.

Once the courier has reached the destination airport, they will use a rental car or taxi service to deliver your package to its final destination, where you will receive a confirmed delivery update.

We have years’ worth of aviation experience combined with a passion for the industry. As a result, we have the technical and logistical proficiencies required to identify the best aircraft and courier solution for your unique needs.

“As our world of aviation is dynamic and challenging, it is a real pleasure to support Sam and Airmacs Aviation. He has always been an advocate of adopting best practice in every area of the business. He has integrity, attention to detail and a real understanding of the practicalities and nuances of this industry. All this and more make Airmacs a deserving and trusted partner in delivering excellent charter solutions”

– Informed Risk Solutions Limited

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