Air Charter Service For Executives & Groups

From private flights to corporate travel, we will arrange everything you need to transport you to where you need to be right on time.

Travel in style

With a private air charter service, you can schedule a flight at a time that suits you and take off from a private aviation terminal. Private chartering allows you to manage all the details, from the departure time to the food served on board.

Sit back, relax, and sip your champagne, safe in the knowledge that we’re working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of your luxury travel experience.

An elevated corporate travel experience

Important business trips require timely transport that enables you to arrive feeling refreshed. So whether you have a lunch meeting in Paris or an event in New York, we’re here to ensure that your journey is seamless. The fast-paced nature of the business world requires reliable and efficient solutions. So we work tirelessly to get you to where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there.

In-flight hospitality & events

Why not take your event to the next level with a high-class air charter service? Whether it’s a conference, product launch, or exclusive party, fly your investors, guests, and sponsors on a private jet.

Impress attendees by providing in-flight catering and entertainment. Whatever your requirements are, we’ll work with you to ensure that both you and your guests are blown away.

Sports Team Transportation

Skip the queues and faff of commercial flights, and give your team the best possible chance of winning their tournament by flying them to their match in comfort.

With our charter flights for sports team service, we’ll organise the transportation of all sports equipment, so you don’t need to worry about booking it onto a normal flight.

Music Tours

Whether you’re arranging a worldwide tour or a festival, we’ll take care of transporting high-profile acts discretely and efficiently.

We understand that the world of show business moves quickly, and every detail matters. Let us take the stress of managing transportation out of your hands by providing you with a reliable air charter service.

Movie Promo & Film Industry

From red carpet appearances to film festivals, transport film stars and crew to their destination with ease.

We are on hand to coordinate the transport of film industry personnel, whether you need to make use of one private jet or several. We’ll take care of custom in-flight catering, baggage and customs handling, and boarding and alighting processes to ensure your trip runs smoothly.

Air medical evacuation

Otherwise known as medevac, our air medical evacuation service allows for the transportation of patients who require medical assistance during transportation.

This is the best option for those who are too weak to handle travelling on a commercial flight and allows for swift delivery to the airport closest to the destination hospital or treatment centre.

Due to our vast global network, we are able to transport your group to both well-known destinations and remote locations. We have access to all types of airports, from international to regional. This means we can fly you to an airport as close to your destination as possible, offering convenience, and helping to cut down overall transport times.

Let us take care of your corporate air travel and fly you and your team to your destination in style. We’re able to arrange last minute trips for your company, for moments where you need to be somewhere urgently. Our global network allows us to fly you to the airport closest to your destination, eliminating the need for overnight stays or long layovers.

We are able to acquire a plane for you that can be rented for the duration of a music tour. This means you’ll be able to transport your team and all the necessary equipment on the same flight.

Do you have a sports meeting or event coming up that you need to arrange transport for? We’re able to organise a flight tailored to your unique itinerary, to deliver your team to where they need to be, right on time. We know that discretion is important when transporting high-profile sports people, which is why we provide a discreet and secure service. We’ll also be able to make luggage arrangements for any sports equipment that needs transporting alongside passengers.

As well as private sector clients, we also provide group charter services for government members and NGOs. Whether you’re arranging a diplomatic tour or a repatriation operation, we’re on hand to deliver a service tailored to your needs. Our specialist aviation team will assist you with obtaining the necessary permits and clearances that relate to this kind of transportation.

Whether you’re organising a wedding or an exclusive party, we’ll arrange a group private charter flight that will help make the celebration unforgettable.

“I am the founder to a private art gallery in London Mayfair and my experience with Sam and his brand has been exceptional. If you want private aviation and a first-class service, you need to use this company. Very happy and I’ll be back to use them.”

– Private Jet Client

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