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Whether you’re looking to arrange transport for a destination wedding, or for a your honeymoon, we’ll secure an exclusive luxury jet to suit your needs. Each element of the experience can be tailored to your requirements, including the culinary offerings and in-flight entertainment. We have access to hard to reach places in remote locations, allowing us to fly you directly to where they need to be, without the need for layovers. 

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Exclusive Travel

You’ll be granted access to a private terminal, meaning there’s no need for lengthy waits in airports. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We offer a discreet service, and work closely with your security provider so that your safety and privacy and ensured throughout the entirety of your journey. Unlike with commercial flights, you’re able to choose a journey time that suits you, allowing you to take control of your schedule. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process, making sure that you have the best possible travel experience.

Thanks to our global network, we have access to a variety of aircrafts. This allows us to provide you with a bespoke charter experience. The fleet we have access to contains both small jets and larger airlines, so whether you require a flight for a business trip, or transportation for your entire family, we will ensure that the aircraft is suitable for your specific needs.

Whichever aircraft you opt for, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your journey is comfortable and luxurious. Skilled chefs will prepare food of the highest quality, making sure to adhere to any particular dietary preferences or restrictions that passengers may have.

Executive company members and key personnel are sometimes required to make urgent journeys to attend meetings, or visit multiple different sites in a short amount of time. Transport senior team members in style, by arranging a VIP aircraft to transport them quickly and comfortably from a to b.

All of our personnel are trained to deliver a safe and reliable service, where health and safety protocols are strictly adhered to. This means that whatever flight you book through us, you can travel in the knowledge that you’re being looked after to the highest possible standard.

When you make a booking with Airmacs, we’ll assign you a personal account manager who will be on hand  24/7 to accommodate any changes in the specifications of your journey, or answer any questions that you may have.

Empty leg flights occur when an aircraft flies to a different airport or location after making an initial private charter flight. This makes it possible for individuals to fly on a private jet for a fraction of the cost of a VIP charter service. This allows you to reach your destination in style, at a more affordable price.

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